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  • 2020

    Pandemic. Friends lost. Isolation. Lack of empathy. Holistic poppycock. Treading water. Not sure if we are trapped within the epicenter of a cosmic rift. Not sure if I care. Adios.

  • Certified Appellate Specialist

    In 2018, I received certification from the California State Board of Legal Specialization in appellate law. I have found myself quite lucky in my 15 year career to have an extensive array of experience arguing and briefing in all of the California Courts of Appeal, both state and federal. As a result, I obtained sufficient…

  • Fake News

    Fake News

    As a legal practitioner and someone who cares a great deal about humanity, I find it particularly intolerable to watch the events that are unfolding in the White House. Typically, I reserve political opinions to myself, as it remains a steadfast and well-established truth that political and religious discussions often lead to strife and consternation.…