Certified Appellate Specialist

In 2018, I received certification from the California State Board of Legal Specialization in appellate law. I have found myself quite lucky in my 15 year career to have an extensive array of experience arguing and briefing in all of the California Courts of Appeal, both state and federal. As a result, I obtained sufficient experience to sit for the 1 day “mini Bar exam.”

Though this blog has largely served as a platform for my creative projects, it also is a platform for highlighting certain achievements in the law. To the extent you are even reading this — and need specialized appellate consideration for purposes of a civil lawsuit in California — feel free to contact me at Carpenter, Rothans & Dumont LLP, at jrs@crdlaw.com.

Though our practice focuses on public entity defense and governmental liability issues, I am both equipped and certified to handle any aspect of your appellate related issues, both public or private.

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