Fake News

As a legal practitioner and someone who cares a great deal about humanity, I find it particularly intolerable to watch the events that are unfolding in the White House. Typically, I reserve political opinions to myself, as it remains a steadfast and well-established truth that political and religious discussions often lead to strife and consternation. That is a personally held belief frankly, not necessarily any kind of entreaty or justification for others to remain silent in the wake of stupidity and intellectual dishonesty.

Among the multitude of alarming issues that are emerging in politics, I find that the credibility of our President is a disaster. Utilizing the very standard of criticism and evaluation that he utilized on the campaign trail (i.e., when disparaging Hillary Clinton and others), it would seem undisputed that President Trump’s presidency is a disaster. I am tired of the flippant, reckless, and unfiltered comments that he makes — often times, ones that are totally unsubstantiated and which can be refuted without much intellectual effort.

This is where my experience as an attorney is brought to bear. I spend my days defending the very hard working people employed by municipalities, school districts, and police departments, and often times, I am called upon to defend them from meritless and specious lawsuits. In that capacity, it is my job to demonstrate inconsistency in legal arguments and to refute contentions that lack merit. As a result, when I hear our President make sweeping generalizations, it seems preposterous to me that the political community (and his voters) remain — in any way — supportive of him. That the GOP has endorsed him as a matter of convenience and have abandoned their own sense of conviction is equally disconcerting.

It seems to me that the “fake news” that exists in the modern media is that which is being spouted by the President himself. And, thus, in the President’s egomaniacal efforts to disparage the free press, he is only deflecting attention from his own prevarications. Currying favor with a mob mentality of misdirection. If this were a court of law, I would impeach his credibility on the witness stand with more ammunition than I know what to do with.

This is going to be a long 4 years. I need to take more photographs. <3.


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