Category: Poetry

  • ReadeLab Sonnet Project

    The ReadeLab Sonnet Project is online and available to view on Instagram at More sonnets to be added soon!

  • ReadeLab: Instagram SU

    It is with a great deal of humility and excitement that I can announce that Instagram has featured my ReadeLab Sonnet Project! Wow. As I have expressed previously on this site and elsewhere, I had began the ReadeLab Sonnet Project as a deeply personal, artistic endeavor where I could refine┬áthe process and art of writing…

  • Living Poet’s Society

    Living Poet’s Society

    It is hard to encapsulate in words the impact that someone I have never met has had on my life. Because the impact in this case is so profoundly intertwined with my aesthetic passion, I felt compelled to write. Compelled, though, not to trump nor add to an already eloquent array of tributes, but instead…