ReadeLab: Instagram SU

It is with a great deal of humility and excitement that I can announce that Instagram has featured my ReadeLab Sonnet Project! Wow. As I have expressed previously on this site and elsewhere, I had began the ReadeLab Sonnet Project as a deeply personal, artistic endeavor where I could refine the process and art of writing creative sonnets, pertaining to topics that had emotional significance and resonance.

In terms of an audience on Instagram, I had a modest following of only about 100 folks prior to the feature. Admittedly, my updates were infrequent. And, at times, I felt that my ability to keep pace was falling by the wayside. However, Instagram was gracious enough to feature the account, and now I have been re-invigorated to ramp up the pace. Thank you so much, Instagram, for the swift kick to the ass!

I hope that, if you have occasion to read this blog, you will take a moment to look at the ReadeLab site on Instagram and check out my work there! I have provided a hyperlink to the project below. Thank you, and much love always!