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  • Santa Monica: Instameet

    Santa Monica: Instameet

    Some portraits and landscape photographs from the October 12, 2015 WorldWide Instameet 12 at the Santa Monica pier. Photographic subjects include IG: @toddler777, @ladykty, and @mywitsend.

  • ReadeLab: Instagram SU

    It is with a great deal of humility and excitement that I can announce that Instagram has featured my ReadeLab Sonnet Project! Wow. As I have expressed previously on this site and elsewhere, I had began the ReadeLab Sonnet Project as a deeply personal, artistic endeavor where I could refine the process and art of writing…

  • Venice Skate Park

    Venice Skate Park

    I had the privilege of meeting up with Lauren Randolph (@laurenlemon), Michael Schulz (@berlinstagram), and Becki “the car hunter” (@checkibernoff) at the Venice Skate Park today. Considering the fact that I grew up in Los Angeles, you’d think that I would have visited Venice Beach on more occasions. However, my trips there have been few…