VSCO Grid Honors

It really shouldn’t go understated that VSCO has been the backbone of my mobile photography.  Like so many others in the mobile photo community, I have found that VSCO’s tones and styles are well-suited to my vision.  I have been a long standing proponent of the “film look”, and the vintage style that traditional film provides. I have never been a huge fan of HDR or excessively “tripped out” photographs. Anyway, when I first started receiving accolades from VSCO, I thought it apt to highlight those honors on my website. Here. And I continue to do so.

Anyway, thanks so much to VSCO for the Honorable selection!  I am extremely happy and proud to say that this is the 10th honorable selection that I have been bestowed.

VSCO Cam App and VSCO Film are my favorite set of filters for professional photographic editing and processing.

A link to my profile is available here: VSCO Grid™

Additionally, a link to the photo is provided here.