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Bugsy’s Great Adventure

Pet ownership is a curious thing. It expands our notions of companionship and broadens our capacity to love. It allows us to perceive and experience devotion without the complexity of human discourse. It is a relationship devoid of machination, and one that symbolizes the beauty of affiliation between two creatures. A beauty that is simple, […]

Oregon: Winter, 2015

My yearly trip to Oregon this winter was characterized by some interesting and different jaunts. Went to the Willamette Valley Vineyards, where plenty of alcohol was consumed. Also, took a trip to Cannon Beach, which was awe inspiring (with the exception of the drive home in the dark along a single lane road which felt […]

The Broad: DTLA

Considering that The Broad museum in Downtown, Los Angeles, is but spitting distance from my office, it is a wonder that I am unable to find myself there more often. Nonetheless, I was able to sneak away somewhat recently to snap some photographs of the amazing collection of work that’s there. Here is a small […]