I Walk The Line

It is often hard for me to differentiate between the need to create versus the desire to do so. Both seem inextricably intertwined, and defined by a similarity of circumstance. For me, I am forced to balance an existence defined by its corporate stricture, versus a life that must be maintained and fueled by creation. It is not so much, therefore, that I want to find time for photography; it is, rather, that it must be done. A need. An imperative.

On an afternoon such as today, when all of the corporate responsibilities have been satisfied, I walk that line between duty and desire. The line that leads me to creative liberation.

I gathered ye rosebuds of photographic instrumentation, called dad, and made my way to The Line Hotel in Korea Town. I grew up near the area and even went to law school nearby, so the trek is a familiar one. However, what with gentrification in the mix, the old familiar neighborhoods are now defined by new and various establishments. Such is the situation with The Line Hotel, which sports a rather fun wall with eyes along the western side.

Thus was my afternoon. Walking the line and shooting some photos with family. What is better? Nothing.