ReadeLab Update

For those of you who have been gracious enough to stop by this website, I made significant changes to its layout and presentation. Previously, I had crammed as much visual and textual information on the front page as possible, because, in truth, I am a sensory overload type of person and enjoy tactile explosions. However, over time, I realized that I needed to become an agent of minimalism and economy.

One of the major changes is the unavailability of a “categories” list at the front page, directing the visitor to the various and sundry topics that I found occasion to opine upon. Now, these same categories, along with a chronological list of prior posts, can be found in the “Archives” link in the main menu on the left.

Since most of my hits are to my Instagram articles, it is probably worth noting that you can locate the post “category” entitled “Instagram” in the “Archives” page, and then enjoy the numerous posts I have drafted on the matter.

Additionally, I am in dire need of updating the ReadeLab Sonnet Project. I did not meet my expectations to compose sonnets in 2014, and as a result, I feel quite dilatory under the circumstances. Once again, composing sonnets is a resolution for 2015, though perhaps it would have been best-suited as a resolution for the year 1622. Nonetheless, I would like to hit the mark of 50 sonnets. Since I have composed 28 thus far, I think that 22 more for the year is rather ambitious, if wholly unattainable. If I am able to deliver on this goal, more sonnet posts shall follow: both here, and on my @readelab Instagram account.

In the interim, I have posted a photograph to accompany this post. It brings me peace. Thankfully, I haven’t been idiotic enough to geotag its location, and I never will. After all, some things are better left unsaid, right? And if at all possible, some places are best left as eternally uncharted.